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The main text of this page was recently was converted into an article Software realism vs. I consider open source to be a special type of academic research and call this approach Software Realism as opposed to Software Idealism represented by two major schools: Stallmanism and Raymondism. Stallmanism utilizes for the justification of this software development ideology the discourse of ethics and freedom it goes beyond technical issues of efficiency and raises moral questions of justice, equality and the public good.

Stallman explicitly stated that : " I consider [Free Software] a human right, and thus a moral norm. Raymondism is based on neoliberal ideology or more correctly on Neoliberal rationality and postulated higher technical efficiency of open source software development.

As we know neoliberalism is also a special variety of secular religion. Here is the abstract:. In the vision of Software Realists programmers like all humans have weaknesses and guided primarily by self-interest and as such can benefit formal organization and incentives direct or indirect, via professional norms to act outside the limits defined by their own self-interest.

Software Realists see the evils of the software world as given and derived from the limited and unhappy choices available, given the inherent moral and intellectual limitations of human beings and existing hardware. Some of them try to create better software like programmers involved in creation of all BSD flavors but they consider commercial programmers as equals actually many of them wear two hats and do not object to reusing the code that they developed pro bono in proprietary software.

In this slightly tragic worldview the software development is a hard and often underappreciated craft that requires special, pretty rare, talent People with this talent like talented sport stars for example tennis players or ice ballet dancers risk their health while they are young creating short living but tremendously complex artifacts large software systems are probably the most complex system even created by humans and for this reason should be remunerated accordingly.

It is important to understand that like in case of artists creating paintings on the sand beach, programmers creation are short-lived and the new wave of hardware often wipes them clean. In other words they see that due to immense complexity of those artifacts all software sucks.


It is just that some software sucks less. It can be proprietary software, it can be free software -- all depends of the talent of the creators, not so much on a particular ideology which, by the way, can be completely wrong: Soviets invented quite a few new technologies and managed to launch the first man into space.

Thus, in view of Software Realists school the perfection of software is unachievable and old good Unix with its classic codebase might sometimes be preferable to new Turks be it Windows or Linux.

That does not mean that Linux or Windows codebase is all crap. That just means that they are just another OSes in a long historical line of such systems. In some areas they might be better then competition, in some worse, but none has the monopoly on innovation actually Linux is a pretty conservative kernel despite a radical ideology behind it.

Software Realists are unconvinced by claims of linux superiority and want to see hard facts. Furthermore, history guided them that the proper tradeoffs between different subsystems of OSes can be ironed out only via long, expensive and painful process that requires strong, highly paid managers, programmers and testers who are ready to sacrifices their health for the success of their creation. The real art requires sacrifices and it is better when such sacrifices are properly remunerated, although stories of talented artists who died in poverty are nothing new.

Because real talents are rare, good software is a very expensive thing. Software realism school presuppose that modern software is almost always a compromise between the demands of the talent and demands of the marketplace.

Software realists contribute to open source projects not because they see them superior to commercially developed software, but because they consider them an important part of software ecosystem, the part that requires support and nourishment and helps to keep closed source software developers honest. It is a extremely important countervailing force that has value of its own, independently whether particular open source program is superior to similar closed source program or not, the availability of open source codebase make it more suitable for some purposes, for example in education and often compensates for real or perceived shortcomings.

They view open source development as a special type of academic research that has similar set of motivations, similar risks and reward structure.

The Software Idealist school both in its Stallmanism and Raymondism incarnations holds that mankind in general and programmers in particular has not yet achieved their full moral potential, and that they are at least in principle perfectible if guided by wonderful new software development ideology. Foolish and immoral choices inherent in the creation of proprietary software explains the all the evils of the existing software world and revolution was needed and actually already came in the form of either free software movement or its less pure form called open source software movement.

Both major Software Idealism schools rely on volunteer labor of programmers connected via Internet to produce immortal gems of software wisdom that will crush proprietary software developers like cockroaches. In Software Idealism worldview, whether purely moral incentive actually work in a long run or not and what will happen when Linus Torvalds will become yet another retired dot-com multimillionaire with his own yacht is irrelevant to the achievement of true software justice, justice for all.

This utopian view holds that volunteer programmer potential is immense and can do everything including improving human nature that should get rid of those outdated economic rewards for software development and be satisfied working part time in McDonalds in order to be able to participate in the movement.

So the Software Idealism vision promotes pursuit of the high moral ground of software freedom which somehow guarantee the best software solutions. At the end of the day new liberated men should all storm this evil Bastille of software oppression which is of course Microsoft and dance on its ruins.Sharn is a city of intrigue, with representatives of every nation, country, religion, and group all vying for power.

Some of the most powerful groups are detailed below. Criminal Organizations Every city has crime, and Sharn is no exception. Daask is a newcomer to Sharn, only arriving since the Last War ended. They came from the nation of Droaam, the land of monsters, and Daask is composed of trolls, ogres, harpies, gnolls, medusas, and other monstrous races not commonly found in civilized lands.

Since their arrival in Sharn, they have been waging war with the Boromar Clan for control of the Clan's smuggling, drug running, and gambling interests in the city. Whereas the other gangs are content to stay within their area of expertise, Daask is willing to branch out into any operation.

Assassination, prostitution, and many other questionable activities all provide an income that allows them to wage war on the Boromars.


No one knows why they chose the most entrenched criminal organization in the city to overwhelm, but if the Boromar Clan doesn't find a way to fight back they could be eliminated within a matter of months. The Boromar Clan is the oldest criminal organization in the city, and members of the actual Boromar family are considered nobles and are allowed to use the ir' prefix.

While they employ members of all races, the inner circe is comprised completely of halflings. The Boromar Clan has been involved in smuggling since they first arrived in the city, and today they maintain a stranglehold on the smuggling trade as well as owning the majority of the gambling halls of the city.

The daughter of the Boromar patriarch sits on the City Council, and the patriarch himself is a member of the Gold Concord of the Aurum. The Tyrants are a group of changeling and doppelganger criminals who specialize in prostitution, forgery, and information. They own most of the bordellos in Sharn, and rumor has it that many prostitutes in Sharn are changelings working for the Tyrants.

The Tyrants have been in Sharn for almost years, and after some initial territory clashes with the Boromar Clan, they agreed to leave the Boromars to smuggling, gambling, and drugs if the Boromars left them to prostitution, forgery, and information. Today, they are a mysterious group, and they may help or hinder the party for no reason at all. The Tarkanans are another recent addition to the city. The Tarkanans have been in Sharn for less than six years, and they also clashed with the Boromars.

The Boromars tried to assimilate the small gang, and when that failed they tried to eliminate them. The Tarkanans proved to be surprisingly powerful, and eventually they agreed to a truce.

If they do not target any members of the Boromar Clan for assassination, then they will be left alone. They focus on three services: assassination, theft, and manslaughter. Foreign Powers Sharn contains embassies to many nation on Eberron, and many of them have enormous influence in Sharn. Aerenal is the island kingdom of the elves, and Aerenal lumber is an important commodity in much of Khorvaire.

The elven ambassador, Lady Taelira, has been the ambassador for more than years. She holds little interest in the problems of the younger races, and her inlination is to wait a year and then see if it is still a problem.

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Trade agreements are the one exception to this rule, and she is a vicious negotiator when it come to the economic interests of the elves. During the Last War, the battles between Aundair and Breland were fierce but brief, but by war's end the two nation were fierce allies.

The Aundairian ambassadors, Alais and Helais ir'Lantar, are twin brothers who are quite popular at galas and social events.

Although Cyre is no longer a country, the Cyran embassy remains open to better facilitate discussions between the Brelish government and the Cyran refugees.

Labyrinth of Software Freedom

The Cyran ambassador to Sharn is Lord Jairen ir'Dain, and he is working hard to negotiate better terms for the refugees. Share on. Edit History Tags Source. Eberron Inquisitives. Create account or Sign in. Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. The Ad Astra Archive.The cell is accessible by a staircase restricted to emergency use only. Daily rations are provided to SCP three times a day by means of a dumbwaiter.

SCP is also permitted to submit written requests to attending staff by the same means. Research on SCP is suspended until further notice. Elimination of SCP is acceptable in the event of a multiple containment-breach crisis. SCP has the involuntary effect of fostering and escalating violent conflict between all individuals in her proximity.

Subjects within ten to fifteen meters of SCP become inconsolably aggressive at trivialities or points of little consequence, often to the degree of projecting hostile motives on others. Arguments generally arise between individuals after one to three minutes of exposure to SCP The resulting arguments turn to violence in all cases.

Notably, persons affected by the presence of SCP will never exhibit hostility towards SCP or attempt to inflict harm upon her. Subjects ordered to deliberately injure SCP find themselves unable to do so.

For relevant information, see Experiment Log A. Communication with SCP has only been possible through written notes or electronic means.

Researchers have gleaned that SCP is unaware of her effect on other people. She shows little to no response to exposure to violence, and seems to be under the impression that human beings are naturally aggressively hostile to each other. SCP is consistently unresponsive and uncooperative with researchers, and appears to be acutely wary of human interaction. Due to the difficulty of communication with SCP, psychological evaluations have been speculative at best.

It was a shit little village, but the Mujahideen put up a damn good fight. Eight of our men killed, fifteen wounded. One tank destroyed. It was dead cold, too.

You think the Middle East is warm, but you go to the mountains in February, it is not so. Anyway, we were mopping up the area, going through the huts, looking for weapons caches and the like.

It seemed like every doorstep had some old babushka weeping and tearing at her hair and clutching our knees. But at the end of the street was this one big hut, no babushka outside. Only there were trays of food left out, like an offering before the door.Create account or Sign in. International SCP Hub.

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Watch headings for an "edit" link when available.The shattergraves were formed on February 10,when the Almos 20, terrorist group with an antimetahuman agenda attacked the IBM owned Sears Tower in Chicago. IBM was pro-metahuman in its business policies. A combination of magic and explosives destabilized the tower, sending it crashing down across several city blocks of Chicago.

A fire broke out that, called the Second Chicago Fire that, while contained quickly by magical and mundane means, scorched much of Chicago's Downtown.

The core was north shore was abandoned, almost entirely and never rebuilt. The area is reportedly haunted by spectral and ghoul related activity and is considered to be the worst act of Terrorism in North America since the WTC attacks of Share on. Edit History Tags Source. The Watchers A Shadowrun Organization. Create account or Sign in. Back To Start Master Index Page tags aladriel annie cash corp great-dragon hitomi janie jester johan johnny johny kassandra lilith log magic marcus maya member metamagic minos personnel rp rules samuel slinger threat vixen watcher watchers weeko.

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General Wikidot.They can be either Conservatives that you have kidnapped, interrogatedand converted to your cause before they have been reported missing, or any person assigned to be a sleeper upon recruitment. Once the liberals quit their jobs and join the group at their hideout, they can never become sleepers again. Sleepers can be a potentially game-winning asset. Sleeper judges are also highly useful when on trial, as are sleeper lawyers, and sleeper jury members too.

Basically, as a rule of thumb, the more sleepers you have, the better. If possible, get radio anchors, television personalities, eminent scientists, corporate CEOs, Conservative Crime Squad bosses, and other important-conservative s as sleepers, in order to undermine the Conservative Movement from within. If you have enough sleepers, you can look at the status of the Liberal agenda, deactivate the Liberal Crime Squad from that screen, and then they will win the game for you.

Sleeper club security can get you into the Gentleman's Club. Sleeper police officers can notify you of upcoming raids.

Laurea magistrale in progettazione e gestione delle

It is good to have sleepers in every armed Conservative group, from the police to the military to the intelligence agents to the death squads to the Conservative Crime Squad, etc.

This helps you stay 1 step ahead of Conservative groups that may attack you. It's also good to have sleeper security guards at places you raid.

Richard Stallman Should Not Be Fired (vlog) - Linux Discussions / OpEd

Sleeper effectiveness shifts but will slowly as in years trend upward when they're lying low. They can also win effectiveness by advocating liberalism, recruiting liberals, uncovering secrets and embezzling funds. They can also lose some, especially when advocating liberalism, and if arrested for embezzling they will cease to be a sleeper and lose all effectiveness.

Effectiveness allows a liberal to avoid being discovered when doing espionage and it also influences the amount of money embezzled and the power to advocate liberalism. Influence when advocating liberalism is also modified by heart, charisma, intelligence and persuasion. Some professions also use other skills, or have a special multiplier, or help to change public mood on specific views or none at all, because they are considered either to be "too liberal" to be covert sleeper agents, or to have too little social standing.

All professions not focused on specific views choose a random view to affect each month. Public "views" usually have a one-to-one correspondence with issues. News anchors and radio personalities lose influence when their mediums lose importance but they can affect the public view on all the issues.

Eminent Scientists, Bank Managers, and Corporate Managers will embezzle 10x more funds than other sleepers. Those documents can be used to publish special editions of the Liberal Guardianprovided they are in appropriate locations, influencing public opinion about some topics. Sleepers with enough juice can expand the network by recruiting more liberals.

In addition to sleeper actions, some sleepers have special abilities. Sleeper judges at the courthouse may preside over trials each sleeper has a flat check v. Your best sleeper lawyer at the courthouse can always be called upon to defend you, for free, at a trial. All sleepers who work at a location you can visit will make the full map of that location - including items - visible whenever you visit.

Finally, CCS sleepers will inform you of the location of the safehouse they work at. Unless you get the same information from a failed interrogation, dating, or talking to a CCS member, this is the only way to find CCS safehouses. Share on. Edit History Tags Source. Liberal Crime Squad the game. Create account or Sign in.Site Manager. Edit this panel. Latest Version for Nimin Fetish Fantasies is v0.

His female human character grew a penis due to continuous encounters with Cock Snakes. He went to Tieden to remove the penis, not realizing he also had no vagina. Thanks to the 4chan boards, he was able to get his vagina back. Someone had the idea of making a wiki site instead. This site is still under construction, but any assistance from any others is welcome. Please feel free to use the menu on the top or the side to make navigating the site easier!

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